Superlative quotes

The best words:  “Do you want to go on an adventure?”

The worst words:  “I’m so sorry for your loss.”

The craziest words:  Zipperumpazoo, detergent, incredible

The tiredest words: “What do you want to do for dinner?”

The bravest words: “I love you.”

The smallest words: “I’m afraid that”

The proudest: “I was afraid, but”





July 16, 2016


People will be cruel and rage.

Witnesses stand offstage, disengage.

Politicians will speak of condemnation,

BlackLivesMatter, of discrimination.


CNN will take the reigns of inflammation and provocation.

FOX, meanwhile, will whip the mare of degradation and migration.

Facebook will become a scroll

of colors, memes, and gun control.

Twitter birds will fly with flutters

of quippy 140-charactered mutters.

Trump, and Hill, and Bill will

retreat, consult, and then distill

soundbites they know well we will

Repeat, retweet, their wish fulfilled.

QUICK!  A team, a side, a stance you must pick!

If you are to politic, if you are to wield a stick

for ideals propelled by some peacenik

or maybe even a lunatic.

To those who hold all the controls:

But, wait! They are us! and it is We who drill these holes

Into pride, and power, but too, progress

We must take action!  But, let me guess…

I’ll hold a sign, or march in step,

To the beats of discontent,

And now, and forth, you’ll clang and bang

And we’ll continue to harass and harangue.

And on and on, sides will be drawn, and battles fought

(Are you with us, or are you not?)


To provide and sooth our lexicon:

The clear conviction our braun.