Red Rover, Red Rover, send Solace right over.

Lucky Strike, Tramadol, Smack, Pinot,

Destiny and Desire in the boxing ring,

Destiny, forever the heftier,

Desire, a sly and slick trickster.

Yet another tedious bout.

Stale bobs, the weaves,

The predictable jabs,

right, right, then a left,

A real blow to the head!

wails the announcer,

too close to the mic,

but he’s up.

He can chin the punches.


Desire ever the victor,

and the salve, nectarous,

saccharine reward,

eyes closed,

let it course,

let it pulse,

until Destiny is.





2 thoughts on “Craving

  1. Good idea! The crowd in his mind! And I in the audience, bored at his feverish drama. I was trying to juxtapose the frenzy of the ring with the monotony of watching yet another addict succumb (what can I say, I’ve become a cynic), but I don’t think it was working as well as I’d hoped.

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