Unpredictable, as a word, comes from the root, dict, meaning to say or tell.  Un is clearly the antonym of (in this case ability), and pre, before.  So, that which cannot be foretold.  Alright, so what examples might there be of that which is unpredictable?

Unpredictable is the kiss of a breeze the floats over a shoulder and makes it’s little hairs wiggle.

Unpredictable is me sitting here, actually writing.

Unpredictable is the receipt of news that makes her gasp, and smile, and raise her hands to cover her mouth.

Joy, today, is unpredictable.  Trust.  Trustworthiness.

A dog lurching against a leash.  He saw a squirrel.



A knock at the door.  The ringing of a telephone.  Spontaneous, live human contact.  Inside, I brace.

A casual remark becomes a cornerstone of understanding.

Little Miss Muffet sat on a bucket.  A park bench.  A Lay-Z-Boy.  A bed.

A bicycle from behind the hedge at the end of your street.

Families that stick together.  Stability.  Support.  Home.

Have we come to a place when predictability itself is unpredictable?  Let’s see– what is predictable?

Sunrise and sunset.  Still pretty darn predictable.

Coffee in the morning, usually.

That the old friend you’re rather not know now will want to go to lunch.  Always.




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